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Perfect for smaller sites with minimal plugins.
AUD$24.50/month +GST
  • Shared Cloud Server
  • Premium Plugins
  • Your own unique IP address
  • SSL Certificate
  • We update your plugins
  • We update your WP install
  • Monthly Website Report
  • Content Changes (0 Credits)
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Cancel Anytime


Perfect for growing businesses that need more bandwidth and storage.
AUD$77.80/month +GST
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU
  • 25TB Bandwith
  • 65GB Storage
  • Premium Plugins
  • Your own unique IP address
  • SSL Certificate
  • We update your plugins
  • We update your WP install
  • Monthly Website Report
  • Content Changes (0 Credits)
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Cancel Anytime


Perfect for businesses handling a lot of traffic and server requests
AUD$149.80/month +GST
  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 vCPU
  • 100TB Bandwith
  • 160GB Storage
  • Premium Plugins
  • Your own unique IP address
  • SSL Certificate
  • We update your plugins
  • We update your WP install
  • Monthly Website Report
  • Content Changes (0 Credits)
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Please note the above plans are just hosting. Create The Original will not maintain or update your plugins or your WordPress install. For maintenance plans please visit For content change plans please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

CTO Hosting

Includes web hosting.
What does WordPress core updates include?

Updating WordPress core upgrades the software that runs your website, improving security, adding new features, fixing bugs, and enhancing performance. It’s crucial for keeping your site running smoothly and securely.

How do you handle theme and plugin updates?

Our team will manually check for any theme and plugin updates. We will back your site up and update your plugins to ensure security and performance. Please note that in some rare occasions updating plugins – especially page builder plugins like Elementor – may effect some design and functional aspects of your site. While every precaution is taken to minimise this, on some occasions this may happen – as it would if you were to update them yourself.

If any bugs popup due to plugin updates, notify us ASAP and we will revert to a backup and discuss options with you to resolve.

What is included in your daily backup service?

We will setup automatic daily backups of your site to be stored on our servers in the rare occasion that your site plays tricks on you.

Can you explain database optimisation and its benefits?

Database optimisation in WordPress involves cleaning and streamlining the database to improve efficiency. Benefits include faster website loading times, improved performance, reduced server load, and more efficient data retrieval. This process can involve tasks like removing unnecessary data, organising tables, and optimising queries.

What does security monitoring entail?

Security monitoring in the context of WordPress involves continuously scanning and checking your website for vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorised access attempts. This proactive approach helps in identifying and addressing potential security threats before they can harm your website, ensuring it remains safe and secure for users. We can even setup notifications so that you know if any malicious attempts to access your site have occurred.

How do performance scans improve my website?

Performance scans evaluate your website’s speed and efficiency, identifying issues that slow it down. By addressing these issues, such as large images, slow plugins, or inefficient code, your website can load faster, offer a better user experience, and potentially rank higher in search engine results.

What is uptime monitoring and why is it important?

Uptime monitoring is a process that checks if your website is accessible and running smoothly without interruptions. It’s crucial because it helps ensure that visitors can access your site at any time, enhancing user experience and maintaining your site’s reputation. Frequent downtimes can lead to lost traffic and potentially affect search engine rankings.

To identify and fix broken links, tools and software are used to scan your website for links that lead to non-existent or error pages. Once identified, these broken links can either be removed, updated, or redirected to the correct pages, improving the user experience and your site’s SEO health.

Includes web hosting, and maintenance.
What is web hosting and why do I need it?

In simple terms, web hosting allows your website to be viewed on the internet. Imagine the internet as a big library and your website is a book. Web hosting is like getting a shelf in that library where your book can sit so anyone can come and read it anytime they want. If you don’t have web hosting your website can’t be viewed on the internet.

How do I choose the right WordPress hosting plan for my website?

When choosing your web hosting package it’s important to look at two things, how much traffic your site gets, and how content is on your website. If you’re unsure, please call or email us to discuss.

Can I migrate my existing website to your WordPress hosting service?

Yes, we can easily migrate your existing website to our servers and do it for FREE.

What kind of customer support do you offer for WordPress hosting?

For all hosting packages we offer email and live chat support. The subscription you’re on will determine the support you get i.e. hosting only packages won’t get free support with plugin updates, content changes etc. We will always do our best to give you the best support possible and will provide solutions for your individual needs.

Are there any security features included in your WordPress hosting plans?

We take security very seriously. With our CTO Plus and CTO One packages we will install and configure our premium security plugin. We monitor login attempts and 404 requests, banning IP addresses that appear to be malicious.

How does your WordPress hosting service handle website backups?

With our CTO Plus and CTO One packages, we will backup your site daily so that in the unlikely event that your site plays tricks on you, you’ve got a backup ready to go.

Is there a trial period or money-back guarantee for your WordPress hosting services?

Unfortunately due to the nature of web hosting services we can’t offer any trial periods. However, if for whatever reason you’re not happy with our web hosting in the first 60 days we’ll give you your money back.

How does your WordPress hosting service optimise website performance?

All of our servers are based in Australia and have CDN integration. A CDN works by storing copies of the content on your site in multiple locations around the world. This way, when someone wants to access a website or any online content, they receive it from the nearest location, making the delivery quicker and more efficient. Where our web hosting is different is that we supply premium plugins that further optimise your site. Our plugins help with image compression, code optimisation and more to help your site load faster.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my WordPress hosting plan as needed?

Yes of course! Our hosting evolves with your business growth.

Do you offer any plugins or themes with your WordPress hosting plans?

Yes, our WordPress hosting plans include a variety of premium plugins. These tools are designed to enhance your website’s functionality and efficiency, covering areas such as security, performance optimisation, SEO, and more, tailored to suit diverse requirements and ensure your site operates smoothly.

Includes web hosting, maintenance and content changes.
What’s included in a monthly website report?

Our website report includes an analysis of your WordPress site’s performance, security, SEO, and overall health. It provides insights into areas that need improvement, such as page loading times, security vulnerabilities, SEO ranking factors, and more, helping you to enhance your site’s functionality and user experience.

What is a content change credit?

1 credit is worth a 30 minute website content change.

What can I use my credits for?

You can use your credits for a content change on your WordPress site. A few examples of common content changes include updating or adding new information to your website, such as editing text, adding blog posts, updating images, DNS record changes, or changing the layout of a page. This helps keep your site relevant and engaging for visitors.

What can’t I use my credits for?

Credits cannot be redeemed for any work outside the scope mentioned above. Examples of excluded tasks are but not limited to work such as new designs, custom coding, custom integrations (such as Instagram feeds etc.). If you are unsure please get in touch with us so that we can help!

What if I need more credits?

If you need more credits and are already subscribed to one of our CTO One packages you can purchase credits at a discounted rate.

Can I use credits across multiple sites?

No, credits are only to be used on the website domain provided to us. If you would like changes on another domain you will either need to subscribe to a new CTO One package for that domain or purchase credits for that domain.

Do my credits expire?

Credits are issued at the beginning of every month and do not transfer over to the following month.

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